Rotus Consulting Limited

Rotus Consulting (Part of the Rotus Group) provides IT services focusing on Systems Management and Monitoring, Security management, Wintel Solutions Design and Technical Project Management on corporate IT infrastructure. With particular development in project driven works, cloud computing, Security, Software as a service and Integrated log management technologies. Focus on the Microsoft Technology stack with virtualisation and citrix is part of the core technologies.

About Us

Director – Lukian Poleschtschuk

Lukian is a 4th Line Senior Technical Analyst/Technical Team Lead/Solutions Design Lead based on Wintel Infrastructure with over 14 years’ experience. His recent experience is based in the Cryptocurrency, industrial engineering, Investment banking, and Start-up sectors. Previous to this, industry experiences include Insurance, Large Retail, Education, Real Estate Management, Oil and Gas, Asset Management, Retail restaurants, and Petrochemical. Lukian has successfully designed, implemented and supported complex IT Infrastructure in a very diverse range of environments. A confident and articulate communicator, Lukian has strong influencing skills able to clearly convey IT priorities and benefits at board level, along with being highly experienced in operations and management of IT teams with direct reports. Lukian has a strong interest in technical team leadership, team building, security and infrastructure management, business development, cloud computing (its advantages and perils), technical project management with a hands-on approach and a can-do attitude with a finesse of comprehending and analysing complex systems. Lukian is a excellent team player, with good communication and interpersonal skills, who works comfortably autonomously, with a bright and outgoing personality. Lukian out of core business hours was engaged on a private cryptocurrency project as a CTO in the development phase. More information here –

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